Real Estate in Las Vegas

For years, Las Vegas has been a top destination for people looking to buy homes. Landlords in Las Vegas make a substantial income from renting out properties in one of America’s most famous cities, right in the heart of the Nevada desert.

The number of sales in the city has been steadily rising since the beginning of 2014. Five years ago, Las Vegas saw around 5,500 transactions per month, but that has since increased to more than 9,000 in the summer of 2018. Over the same period, median sale prices rose considerably, from around $190,000 in 2014 to more than $280,000 just four years later.

The most significant changes have been at the lower end of the market. While the year-on-year growth of the highest-value properties is running at 8.1 percent, one bedroom properties at the bottom of the market have increased in price by an impressive 16.3 percent, according to data from Trulia.

For both buyers and sellers, the Las Vegas real estate market is hot. Today, the market is being driven b…

Buying a house in Las Vegas!

Buying a house for the first time comes packaged with a lot of confusion and questions that need to be answered. Buying a new home requires a level of patience and dedication that not many people have in all the excitement of their new house!

The most important thing that anyone needs when they are buying a new house is a real estate agent who gets it. Who gets that this is a big deal, and who will go above and beyond for their buyer when taking them to view new homes. There are a few things that sellers expect from a real estate agent when selling a house, and this is no different for home buyers. We take our service seriously at TTR Las Vegas, which is why our top producing buyer's agents have an advantage over the competition. Checking out houses for sale means looking for the best real estate agent possible who can help you to buy a home.

So, when it comes to looking at houses for sale, what should be expecting from your real estate agent? The following list is something that …

Las Vegas Property Management With Top Tier Realty!

We at Top Tier Realty pride ourselves on our ability to provide an outstanding Las Vegas property management service to our clients.

We have established a stellar reputation as the best company for property management in Las Vegas thanks to our willingness to provide a personalized, specialist approach to every property owner we work with. This approach allows us to stand out from the crowd as a property management company who truly do put their clients’ needs first, while also ensuring we provide a service that can always be relied on. To find out more about the services we offer to our clients, read on.

What types of property are suitable for property management from Top Tier Realty?

Our Las Vegas property management services are incredibly flexible, customized to each individual property and the specific needs of the owner. As a result, we can provide management services for:

Family homes Condos TownhousesLuxury housingCommercial real estate… … and much more
If you are not sure if y…

Why Choose Top Tier Realty LV

Whether you’re looking to buy, sell, rent, or get a free home evaluation, you need a team of real estate experts that know not just the property but the area, too. For those in Las Vegas, that means that you need Top Tier Realty LV. With a diverse team of real estate experts that bring expertise in a range of fields, we make sure you always have the right experience and premium service on your side. Here are just a few more reasons to work with us.

We’re here for whatever you need

Our specialty is providing a diverse range of services to help meet your needs, whatever your individual situation may be. We have a huge variety of homes available, including many premium properties that simply can’t be found elsewhere, and the agents that can help you find the best buys on the market. If you’re putting your own property on the market, we can help you tailor your approach to make sure you get the sale you deserve, whether you’re going for a short sale or a more traditional route.

We provide …