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Can We Expect Mortgage Rates to Keep Dropping?

  What is the Data Saying? Mortgage rates are currently quite low in the US, with experts predicting an average rate of 3.03% in 2021. While that is slightly higher than current rates of 2.8%, 2021 would still be boasting one of the lowest numbers we've seen in quite some time. However, are these numbers entirely accurate, or will we instead see rates continuing to drop in the years to come? Experts analyzing the current real estate situation have mixed results in their predictions. While most predict the numbers to tick upwards slightly for next year, certain research shows inconsistencies in interpretations drawn from their data. That could mean mortgage rates might continue dropping, especially when considering the effect that the Covid-19 pandemic has had on the U.S. housing market. The Low Rates We've Been Seeing Might Be Done When considering the fact that the effects of the pandemic might soon be diminished in their entirety, it's likely that the housing mark