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Is the Las Vegas Housing Market Immune to COVID-19?

  Months have passed since the onset of the global pandemic, "coronavirus," and the housing sector has felt the hit. The World Bank declared a global economic recession caused by the pandemic, and there were predictions of the economy shrinking by 5.2% on a worldwide scale. The impact of COVID-19 has affected almost every sector, with the housing market being the most affected. Las Vegas Housing Market is one of the top performers in the US, which is comprised of mostly single-family units. However, Las Vegas house prices have hit a record high despite the continuous economic harshness inflicted by the pandemic. Many realtors and home renters wonder how the real estate market will look like as the pandemic continues.  Top Tier Realty  will assist you in purchasing, renting, and selling your home . Our team of real estate agents in Las Vegas will offer great sources to have all your housing market questions answered. Las Vegas Housing Market During COVID-19 Despite man