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What makes a great estate agent?

Whether you’re stepping onto the first rung of the Las Vegas realtor ladder or you’re an experienced estate agent, self-improvement should always be on the agenda. The first challenge, then, is to take a step back and build a winning plan of action. While every great estate agent will walk their own path, they all share a number of winning qualities. Build a strategy that focuses on the following five points and you won’t go far wrong. A good look First impressions count for everything in the realtor game, and clients won’t only form judgments based upon the look of the property. They begin to formulate opinions from the second they interact with you. As well as finding the right home or investment, buyers need to trust their estate agent. A winning smile, good grooming, and great outfit will enable you to cast a far better figure. While you don’t need to look like a fitness model, paying attention to your body may help establish a winning platform too. A focus on the client